Digital Watermarking

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A digital watermark is an almost invisible code that is embedded in full color image printed on select eco totes. The unique code is read by the Digimarc® Discover App and links to your specified URL, video, registration page…

Digital Watermarking on your bag, step by step.

1. Create an account with Digimarc® Discover at

2. Submit your full color art and prove the following:

    •  The e-mail address used to create the account

    •  Your Digimarc password

    •  The web address (URL) you want to link to our digital watermark

3. We handle the pre-press set-up of your art and use your Digimarc account to apply your unique watermark. Do not apply the watermark to your art, technical adjustments are made before the watermark is applied.

4. A fully functional digital proof is sent to you for approval.

5. We will prompt you to access your Digimarc account to:

   •  Identify how long you want your watermark to be active

    •  Activate the watermark

    •  Pay Digimarc's service fee for your digital watermark. 

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